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Roleplaying Hetaila Characters is now in! Come, join us, pick a country or OC to roleplay and you are ready to go! Enjoy and Welcome to APH Roleplay Group!
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 Ciao~! Admin here!

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PostSubject: Ciao~! Admin here!   Thu Aug 18, 2016 10:45 pm

It's been a long time since I last opened this little forum of mine. Hello to everyone who can see this. Come and join us, it'll be fun! I was busy with a lot of stuff in real life but not that I almost down and it is taking a rest, let's get some rp going! Join us, introduce yourself and be a part of this growing community of roleplayers. Questions? Ask me. I will be here! ^^

Hello~! I am Admin-san. Welcome to my forum! Wish you enjoy your stay. You can pm me if you got any problems!
Oh, oh! Check out this url: raikka25-gairu7.deviantart.com <---I am making a hetagame. Check out the progress there!
You can call me Lailac, Laila, Lai or admin. Depends! Spread the happiness and share this forum to the others!
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Ciao~! Admin here!
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