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 Seikiart25Raikka27 Character Sheet for Canada

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PostSubject: Seikiart25Raikka27 Character Sheet for Canada   Tue May 31, 2016 9:18 am

Hello. I am Seikiart25Raikka27.  I am going to tell you all a little about myself. 

I write, but I do beta reading most of the time. I first found out about forum role-playing last week when my best friend showed how role-playing works. So, that's about it.

The character sheet is as follows:

Name: Canada

Human name: Matthew Williams

Kind: Nation/ Country

Age (ignore if nation):

Appearance: He is a blonde individual that is always with his polar bear companion, Kumakichi? (I know it is actually Kumajiro). He wears eye glasses and he has this strand of hair curled. His hair is slightly longer than his neighboring country, America. He also has blue eyes, bordering to violet.

Say something about the character: He is often being mistaken for America for how close their appearances are. Canada, although, avoids trouble and he is shy and his voice is barely above a whisper. When they wouldn't mistake him for the other north american nation, he is invisible and ignored by the others.

Name (of the roleplayer): Seikiart25Raikka27
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Seikiart25Raikka27 Character Sheet for Canada
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