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 Admin Lailac Info and Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Admin Lailac Info and Character Sheet   Mon May 30, 2016 9:18 pm

Hello again. Admin Lailac here. This is the character I am going to be role-playing. I will say more about myself before going through the character sheet.

I am average height from where I came from. I have short, shoulder length, dark brown, almost appearing black, hair. I love reading any kinds of books: literature, novels, fan fictions, anything, as long as it caught my interest. In fact, I will jump and hug you if you give me a book for my birthday.

I am a yaoi fan but it doesn't mean that I always write stuff like that. I write during my free time or doodle anything. I have a best friend that I will drag to this place. She won't escape! Because she wants to stay that's why.

Fan fact about me: startle or give me a shock and if I did get startled, I will shout out last thing I saw. Example: I last saw a kid, I'll shout, "ay bata!" Of course from our language haha.

Now, onto the character sheet!

Name: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland/ England/ Britain

Human name: Arthur Kirkland

Kind: Nation/ Country

Age (ignore if nation):

Appearance: He is a blonde haired island nation, personification. He wears formal suits during meetings and he also have his green military uniform worn before. He has bright, green eyes and prominent eyebrows.

Say something about the character: He is a canon character. He calls himself a gentlemen but he has a high level of sarcasm and they say that his character's attitute is, in Japanese term, tsundere.

Name (of the roleplayer): Admin Lailac

Hello~! I am Admin-san. Welcome to my forum! Wish you enjoy your stay. You can pm me if you got any problems!
Oh, oh! Check out this url: raikka25-gairu7.deviantart.com <---I am making a hetagame. Check out the progress there!
You can call me Lailac, Laila, Lai or admin. Depends! Spread the happiness and share this forum to the others!
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Admin Lailac Info and Character Sheet
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