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Roleplaying Hetaila Characters is now in! Come, join us, pick a country or OC to roleplay and you are ready to go! Enjoy and Welcome to APH Roleplay Group!
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 Character Profile

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PostSubject: Character Profile   Mon May 30, 2016 8:58 pm

This is a form needs to be filled up for the character the member chose to roleplay. This is whether the character is canon, nyo!, 2p, mystical beings, OCs or others. When introducing yourself,  you need to have this in your own thread after the short info.

Name (character/ country name if nation):

Human name:

Kind (nation, oc, etc):

Age (ignore if nation):


Say something about the character:

Name (of the roleplayer):

Other than this, if you have an OC you would like to show off and Roleplay as well, show them at the OCs show-off.

However, you can only have a maximum of 3 characters to be roleplayed (1 canon and any kind for thr last 2) and this is only because you have proven that you can handle the pressure. Happy role-playing!

Hello~! I am Admin-san. Welcome to my forum! Wish you enjoy your stay. You can pm me if you got any problems!
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Character Profile
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